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Auto Components

Solve your specific Auto Component Manufacturing business needs with SAP S/4HANA digital platform

Business Solution as a ready to deploy RDS, Use real-time information to operate with less risk and more reward to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced Auto Components industry.

Auto Components

Business Solution is a SAP®Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution on S/4HANA latest edition for the respective industry. Streamline the implementation process; bring together software, global Next practices, compliance of legal, statutory and management reporting with our Auto Components - Business Solution.

This SAP®Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution can help you to keep up with the changing regulations and innovations by transforming processes and enable new manufacturing & sales models by continuous customer engagement, manage a profit-driven supply chain, and achieve excellence in plant and asset operations, whether you manufacture automotive parts, components, spares or exclusive OEM partner businesses to name a few.

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Mastering the challenge

Improve outcomes through simplified processes


Slow resolution of order fulfillment issues with the risk of delayed delivery due to a lack of visibility into the order management process.


Poor supplier collaboration Material shortages leading to a disruption of the manufacturing processes and a reduction of customer service levels due to late deliveries.

Quality Process

Quality audit results recording is not comprehensive and inefficient tracing to origin


Handover from engineering to manufacturing does not run smoothly, and loss of information during the transition is commonplace


Subcontracting process is not tracked & monitored end to end

Supplementary Process

Customer & Vendor supplementary invoice and claim process

Plant to Plant Supply Chain Optimization

Material availability across plants for better utilization of inventory is lacking. Leading to dead stocks in one plant and production stoppages in other plants

Machine Maintenance

Absence of Predictive Maintenance leading to bottleneck situations during peak demand times.

Auto Components Industry Value Chain

Unlock new business value with digital technology

  • Financial Accounting & Controlling
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Asset Accounting
    • House Banks & Reconciliation
    • Profit Center Accounting
    • Cost Center Accounting
    • Product Costing
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Period End Processing


      Increase in revenue from new products
  • R&D
    • Portfolio and Project Management
    • Project Management
    • Idea Management


      Reduction in unplanned downtime repair, and operations.
  • Procurement
    • RFQ/Quotation Domestic Purchase (Raw material)
    • Purchase Requisitions (Central) Import Purchase
    • Purchase Order Processing (Central) Packing Mat. Purchase
    • Purchase Contract Processing (Central) Spare Parts Purchase
    • Goods Domestic/ Import processing Stock Transfer (with & without GST)
    • External Services Processing
    • Subcontract Processing
    • Asset processing
    • Goods Receipt (with QM)
    • Supplier Invoice Verification
    • Supplier Performance Management Purchase Return


      Procurement Value
  • Warehouse Management
    • Extended Warehouse Management
    • Mobile Inventory Management
    • Goods Movement
    • Warehouse Insights
    • Vendor Managed inventory (VMI)


      Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Batch / Serial Number Management
    • Automatic batch number generation
    • Batch derivation
    • Serial Number Management


      Creation of batch upon order creation or release
  • Sales and Distribution
    • Advanced Available to Promise
    • Presales Activities
    • Sales Order Processing (Domestic , Export)
    • Sales Returns Processing
    • Returnables Processing
    • Tank Trailer Processing
    • Third-Party order processing
    • Rebates Handling
    • Customer Consignment Processing
    • Totes Handling
    • Outbound Logistics
    • OEM Customer Sales
    • After Market Sales
    • OEM Export Sales
    • After Market Export Sales
    • OEM SPD Sales


      Increased new product revenue from accelerated innovation with an extended ecosystem.
  • Manufacturing Planning
    • Planned independent Requirements
    • Supply and demand Planning
    • Capacity Leaveling
    • MRP Run

    -15 %

      manufacturing costs, where machinery and tools are allocated to operations and status and usage is tracked in real time.
  • Manufacturing
    • Production Scheduling
    • Work-in-process (WIP) batch
    • Production Order Management
    • Process order confirmation
    • Internal and external operational subcontracting


      Manufacturing Plants
  • Quality Management
    • Sample management
    • In-process controls
    • Automatic lot creation at Production order release
    • Post-process controls
    • QM notifications
    • Quality certificates check at goods Issue
    • Quality certificate at goods Issue
    • Batch Recall
    • Inspection Costs Coverage
    • Results recording (incl. Digital signature)
    • Returns Handling
    • Manual Inspection Lots
    • Recurring Inspections
    • Model inspection at goods Recipt


  • Plant Maintenance
    • Operational maintenance
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Breakdown maintenance
    • Structuring technical systems


      No of Manufacturing Plants
  • Environment, Health & Safety
    • Carbon Footprint
    • Environment Management
    • Health and Safety Management
    • EHS Incident Management
    • Maintenance Safety and Permit to Work
    • Dangerous goods management
    • REACH substance volume tracking
    • Product safety
    • Industrial hygiene and safety
    • Waste management
    • Audit management
    • Global label management


      Air and water emissions to fulfil legal requirements
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
    • Industrial Insights
    • Manufacturing Networks
    • Manufacturing Operations (Industry 4.0)
    • Manufacturing Execution (Industry 4.0)
    • Environment, Health, and Safety


      Informed decision making based on greater insight
  • Digital Logistics
    • Yard and Warehouse Management
    • Transportation Management
    • Track & Trace and Logistics Networks
    • Order Promising

    More secure

      Logistics and management systems
  • Business Planning
    • Demand Management and Insights
    • Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning
    • Response and Supply Planning
    • Portfolio and Project Management
    • Product Development and Configuration


      Efficiency with consolidation and standardization of business processes
yanTra-Packaged Solutions

Bring Us More Opportunity Market, Share"

The SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions represent a packaging strategy with three important pillars: Packages based on SAP software together with a partner's services and intellectual property – creating a unique and highly targeted value proposition based on a fixed scope and a fixed price offering.







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Adhering to Government rules filing monthly or quarterly returns more accurate


Adhering to Government rules filing monthly or quarterly returns more accurate

Purchase Register

Improve tracking purchases more real time, Collate real time.

Sales Register

Improve tracking of Sales and Customer returns more real time. .

Stock Analytics

Managing stocks real time & more efficiently Avoid stuck-up cash by conver ng inventories into quick sales.

Vendor Aging

Improve accounts payables by effectively managing business debts.

Digital Job Card

Digital Job Card helps to capture yield, down time, productivity, wastages, rework etc.

Explore our solutions for the IoT, R&D, Manufacturing

Get customer-centric products to market faster and at less cost – with smart production technology from SAVIC. Our intelligent solutions support advanced automation and predictive processes to help you maximize efficiency and responsiveness. They work together to provide visibility across your entire network.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Management allows to measure and analyze plant performance.

Connected weigh bridge

The solution helps optimize Inbound/Outbound and Internal hub traffic.

Smart Energy Reader

Through Machine Learning based data integration and advance analytics.

Energy Management Solution

Energy Management Solution is an analytics-driven, smart, scalable, energy monitoring and management solution that helps organizations optimize their energy usage and enhance their operational efficiencies.

Desma Machine Control through Digital Input

Machine Control Through Digital Input(DI) Solution is an analytics-driven, smart, scalable. Machine control solution that helps organizations control their productions process and enhance their operational efficiencies.

DESMA Machine interaction through OPC UA protocol

Machine Control Through Digital Input(DI) Solution is an analytics-driven, smart, scalable. Machine control solution that helps organizations control their productions process and enhance their operational efficiencies.

SAVIC Fiori Experience

Improve outcomes through simplified processes

Purchase Order Approval Apps

Helps organizations more than approving Purchase Order and contract.The details of stock pending order histroy of any vendor

Track Purchase Order Apps

Helps organizations track Purchase Order and contract. histroy of all vendor or item or approval and rejection highlight of the tile.

Partner Mobile App

SAP S/4HANA Extenstion using mobility solution is a real time smart solution that helps organization control their procurement and enchance their purchase efficiency and cash flow.

Order vs Billing Fiori App

SAP S/4HANA FIORI Platform Solution that that helps organization to monitor on sales target vs Billing real time with drill down zone wise.

Supplier Aging & Overdue Appt

Our offshore teams of full-stack developers skilled in latest technologies such as MEAN, LAMP, etc. can help you build mobile, web, or desktop applications from scratch.

Customer Feedback App

SAP S/4HANA FIORI Platform Solution that that helps organization to get Customer Feedback on service offer & Help to improve customer satisfaction index.

  • "Our aim is to use SAP S/4HANA to improve our management and efficiency by deeply embedding it into our organization."

    Bjoern o Stoll

    Cheif Marketing Officer

    Mack Valves India Pvt Ltd.

SAP S/4 HANA Value Drivers for Auto Components Industries

  •  Revenue  2,000,000,000 


    Higher margin


    More Money

    0.2 Rs

    Higher return on working capital


    More money after tax


    Revenue growth


    Cash released

  • Average Performer KPIs Improvements
    80.9 Inventory days (reduce by days) 1.70
    62.1 Manufacturing costs (reduce by %) 4.35
    15.6 Financial Administration costs (reduce by %) 3.53
    35.7 Days Sales Outstanding (reduce by days) 3.71
    10 Revenue from new products (increase by %) 2.20
    24.900 Marketing cycles (days) 2.44
    57 Return on Marketing Investments (increase by %) 11.40
  • Profit and Loss

    Revenue Growth
  • Margin

    Working capital Return

  • Exist SW License 0
    New Software License 2,00,000
    Hardware Costs 2,00,000
    Initial Implementation 8,00,000
    Add. Post Implementati on costs (yearly) 2,00,000
    Business consulting (yearly) 2,00,000
    Country Tax factor 0.00%
    Period of reaching improvement 4.00

Maintaining visibility throughout the value chain for more than 800 OEM and aftermarket parts

Achieve Digital Transformation for your AutoComponent Businesses
by deploying fast,reliable

IP Rings is a front-line Automotive Components manufacturer, specializing in the production of piston rings.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Existing ERP was not integrated with all divistion of business
  • Stock tracking and month-end closure was not real time
  • Planning and Manufacturing Process are manual
  • Auto components Industry – Digital Revolution

    Digital Transformation
    in the Auto components Industry

    SAVIC qualified solution for Auto components Industry with inbuilt GST processes will help the businesses to quickly start running on SAP S/4HANA latest edition.

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    E-Invoicing + S/4HANA= Improved Profitablity

    Turning E-Invoicing opportunities into sustainable business advantages is now the top agenda of most CFOs and CEOs.

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    SAVIC Implementation Methodology

    Phase Wise Deliverable for Business Suite & On-Premise – Agile & Waterfall

    SAP Activate is an implementation methodology used in SAP S/4HANA and unique combination of 3 core pillars, SAP Guided configuration, SAP Best Practices & Methodology. It is the quickest way till date, to simplify and streamline your business operations with SAP S/4HANA.This methodology enables customers to build smart, run and start faster in their respective landscape.

    SAVIC Data Migration Methodology

    SAP delivered a massive wave of simplification and innovation in the core of SAP S/4HANA.

    SAVIC SAP S/4HANA migration templates helps SAP Business Suite customer can move from different start releases to SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition. For certain start releases, a one-step procedure is available, which includes the installation of the SAP S/4HANA Core and, if necessary, the migration of the database to SAP HANA.

    SAVIC SAP S/4HANA implementation on Methodology with global best practices

    Implementation services

    Start seeing everything in your IT environment with
    our Implementation services.

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    SAVIC Cutover Strategy

    Cut-Over strategy is the Document that we create to maintain the key stratergies

    Cutover process involves a series of steps need to be planned, executed and monitored in order to make the project golive. It encompass Cutover Strategy, Cutover Plan, The Cutover Date, Agile Monitoring of the cutover activities and Controlling undesired variations.

    MaxCare Support Services

    Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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    Grow Your Auto Components Business In The Digital Transformation Era

    SAVIC technocrat connect to and collaborate with our customers, understand and become part of their value chains, and leverage digital transformation to deliver innovative services and business outcomes instead of selling products.

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