Contract Intelligence

Keep your business out in front, now and into the future

Transform your foundation of commerce with contract intelligence

Companies are facing increasing business complexity and uncertainty—including heightened customer expectations, disrupted supply chains, and changing market dynamics. Organizations that want to stay out in front are embracing these challenges by thinking differently about how contracts drive all aspects of their business

Contracts define how a business runs—from the most distant link in a supply chain to how companies manage their IP and customer relationships. By dynamically analyzing contracts in the context of the systems and processes they power—including procurement, sales, human resources, and transactions—companies can ensure the intent of every contract is fully realized.

Trust to keep your business out in front, now and into the future.

Bold Vision

Get more from CLM than you ever thought possible. With CI, you can trust that what you and your partners have committed to happens, while continuous monitoring and smart rules ensure compliance and minimize risk across the organization

Unrivaled Expertise

Improve your business in ways you never imagined. With CI, you will benefit from deep knowledge and powerful AI tools to help you ramp up quickly, streamline contracts and processes, close deals faster, and connect the dots across departments.

Enduring Commitment

Set the foundation for long-term business excellence. With CI, you’ll see broad adoption with a platform that is specifically designed for ease of use. And you can be sure that your critical investment will continue to see returns for years to come.

Contract Intelligence Platform

  • Intelligent Contract Setup

      Flexibly model complex organizations, global business relationships, and contracting processes to adapt to ever-changing business dynamics.CI features extremely flexible configuration, with the ability to model any type of agreement relationship, and provides an intuitive, personalized, role-based experience for any type of user.

  • Contract Operations

      Efficiently manage the complete contracting lifecycle, to reduce cycle times, increase negotiation effectiveness, and manage contracts at scale. CI features flexible, rule-based contract generation and self-service contracting, and intelligent negotiation and seamless contract execution, supported by powerful collaboration tools.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

      Proactively identify, assess, and manage all contract risks and ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations based on proactive insights from CI’s powerful compliance tools. With CI, you can ensure standardized, rule-based content based on approved templates and contract relationships, while intelligent contract negotiation tracking and dynamic approval workflows guarantee nothing gets approved without the right review.

  • Reporting & Dashboards

      Leverage CI’s powerful advanced analytics and AI-enhanced contract intelligence tools to improve visibility, reduce contract cycle times, improve negotiation outcomes, and increase ROI.

CI Business Applications

CI Business applications help customers address specific business requirements

Clinical Trials and Budgeting

Better manage clinical trial agreements with CROs and track budgets with tools that give trial sponsors unprecedented control

Collaboration Portal

Eliminate communication barriers and continually engage external partners by extending customized access to the CI platform to other organizations.

GDPR Compliance

Identify non-compliant contracts, mitigate privacy data risks, and manage processor, supplier, and partner obligations in fulfilling stringent GDPR requirements.

Obligation Management

Efficiently manage post-execution contract obligations with sophisticated workflow and fulfillment tools, supported by intelligent dashboards and reporting

Promotions and Rebates

Accelerate promotional contract settlement, reduce leakage of unused promotion budget and missed rebate claims, and improve collaboration between partners to better manage complex vendor/supplier agreements and better meet customer demands.


Place contracts at the center of the sourcing lifecycle to deliver significant benefits for procurement departments, their suppliers, and their legal stakeholders.

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