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Engineering, Construction and Operations

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Engineering, Construction and Operations-Digital Revolution

SAVIC EC&O Business Solution tailored to your needs Grow business by increasing market share, expanding internationally by increasing efficiency in project execution and creating visibility across the spectrum of processes.

E&CO Industry

Engineering, Construction, and Operations is an SAP-Qualified Partner Solutions on SAP S/4HANA, edition for SAP Business All-in-One for Real Estate Companies in India. Engineering, Construction, and Operations is a fully featured, integrated solution for managing Real Estate.

The solution supports all Real Estate Asset life cycle phases which includes the acquisition or disposal of an asset, management of the real estate portfolio, property management, and support processes like management accounting and reporting.

Mastering the challenge

Improve outcomes through simplified processes

Investment & Land Management

Inefficiency in tracking Investment decisions Inability to track end to end Land management process

Customer Relationship Management

Manual registers or excel based follow up on potential customers profiles and decision making patterns. Lengthy and tedious reporting systems

Procurement Process

Inability to have real time budget controlled procurement Inefficiency in tracking sub- contractor progress and billing Non-standard Bulk procurement process

Project Management

Absence of Integrated project management tool with procurement and sales Inefficient tracking of site progress and work packages

Lease Management

Inadequacy in monitoring energy consumption, and recover expenses from common-area maintenance. No automation of maintenance, repair, and service orders processing and control expenses.

Inventory Management

Lack of visibility of Project Inventory. No real time monitoring of Project returns

Work-force Planning

Absence of Integrated work-force planning tool

Unit Availability

Lack of real time visibility across Units on Hold, Sales and Sold.

Engineering,construction & Operations Industry Value Chain

Unlock new business value with digital technology

  • Financial Accounting & Controlling
    • General Ledger
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Asset Accounting
    • House Banks & Reconciliation
    • Profit Center Accounting
    • Cost Center Accounting
    • Profitability Analysis
    • period End Processing
    • Settlement & Period End Processing
    • Project Profitability Analysis
    • Cost Analysis


      Increase in revenue from new products
  • Sales & Distribution
    • Unit Management
    • Unit Pricing Upload
    • Unit Booking / Cancellation
    • Mass Sales Order & Milestones Upload
    • Sales Order & Demand Note generation
    • Offer Approval Process
    • Corpus Invoice Billing
    • Allotment Letter, Invoice & Receipt
    • Interest Calculation & Approval


      Increased new product revenue from accelerated innovation with an extended ecosystem.
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
    • Project Oriented Local Procurement
    • Project Oriented Import Procurement
    • Contractor Management
    • Capex Purchase
    • Consumables Procurement
    • Project Oriented Local Procurement
    • Project Oriented Import Procurement
    • Contractor Management
    • Capex Purchase
    • Consumables Procurement


      Procurement Value
  • Project Systems
    • Business Devlp. & Land Acquisition
    • Project Estimation & Budgeting
    • Project Scheduling
    • Project Man power Planning
    • Project Materials Requirement Planning
    • Project Activity Confirmation
    • Project Progress Monitoring

    41 %

      more return on investment when IT and business jointly plan and manage the portfolio.
  • Lease Management
    • Contract Management
    • Space Management
    • Utility Management
    • Service Charge Settlement

    37 %

      more return on assets where asset management processes and related metrics are standardized.
  • SAVIC Apps for EC&O
    • Land–Bank Planning
    • Pre-construction Process
    • Sales Integration
    • Unit Availability Statistics
    • Construction Equipment & Tools Mgmt
    • Customer Ageing
    • Bulk Sales Order Upload
    • Sales Order Approval
    • Vendor Ageing
    • Material Reconcilation Report


      Solution, the SAP Work Manager mobile app
Key Benefits

Increase project profitability

Control projects in real time based on a single version of the truth, and improve win rate for profitable projects with better historic bid and project insight

Private Cloud

Control projects in real time based on a single version of the truth, and improve win rate for profitable projects with better historic bid and project insight.

Enterprise Public Cloud

Control projects in real time based on a single version of the truth, and improve win rate for profitable projects with better historic bid and project insight

Key Capabilities

Shared project workspace

Access real-time project data using a single point of project visibility and control

Share the same view of each project with all project members

Generate project status reports quickly using embedded analytics functionality

Project cost and revenue planning

Improve estimating, planning, and forecasting accuracy, and plan for materials, expenses, and third-party resources

Unify financials management throughout project lifecycles

Develop detailed baseline costs and revenue plans

Project issue and change management

Manage and monitor change requests and their financial impact to ensure successful project completion and client satisfaction

Record and clarify project issues quickly and accurately

Reduce inefficient manual and spreadsheet-based processes

SAVIC Fiori Experience

Improve outcomes through simplified processes

Purchase Order Approval Apps

Helps organizations more than approving Purchase Order and contract.The details of stock pending order histroy of any vendor

Track Purchase Order Apps

Helps organizations track Purchase Order and contract. histroy of all vendor or item or approval and rejection highlight of the tile.

Partner Mobile App

SAP S/4HANA Extenstion using mobility solution is a real time smart solution that helps organization control their procurement and enchance their purchase efficiency and cash flow.

Order vs Billing Fiori App

SAP S/4HANA FIORI Platform Solution that that helps organization to monitor on sales target vs Billing real time with drill down zone wise.

Supplier Aging & Overdue Appt

Our offshore teams of full-stack developers skilled in latest technologies such as MEAN, LAMP, etc. can help you build mobile, web, or desktop applications from scratch.

Customer Feedback App

SAP S/4HANA FIORI Platform Solution that that helps organization to get Customer Feedback on service offer & Help to improve customer satisfaction index.

  • "Migrating to SAP S/4HANA brought more transparency in business transactions and stringent budgetary controls. we are able to handle large volumes with enchance performance which ensures future readness"

    Subramanya Bhat

    Vice President Head-IT

    Casagrand Builders Private Limited.

SAP S/4 HANA Value Drivers for E&CO Industries

  •  Revenue  2,000,000,000 


    Higher margin


    More Money

    0.83 Rs

    Higher return on working capital


    More money after tax


    Revenue growth


    Cash released

  • Average Performer KPIs Improvements
    65 Inventory days (reduce by days) 1.37
    71 Project costs (reduce by %) 12.07
    11.572 Fixed Administration costs (reduce by %) 1.29
    45.2 Days Sales Outstanding (reduce by days) 4.70
    10.9 Return on Assets 1.09
    0.355 Revenue loss due to stock outs (reduce by %) 0.12
    57 Return on Marketing Investments (increase by %) 11.40
  • Profit and Loss

    Revenue Growth
  • Margin

    Working capital Return

  • Exist SW License 0
    New Software License 2,00,000
    Hardware Costs 2,00,000
    Initial Implementation 8,00,000
    Add. Post Implementati on costs (yearly) 2,00,000
    Business consulting (yearly) 2,00,000
    Country Tax factor 0.00%
    Period of reaching improvement 4.00

Perceive how clients are succeeding with SAVIC Technologies

Harish Shekar

SAVIC Transformed customers in multifold their business by intelligent digital enterprise with a trusted long term partnership

By transforming the business to deliver unified, personalized customer experiences that engage and drive loyalty. Leading EC&O companies are utilizing SAP technology and software to deliver personalized customer experiences, as well as increasing operating efficiencies to reduce costs and run better.

Engineering & Construction Industry on SAP S/4HANA digital platform

Mastering the challenge

  • Lack of End-to-End visibility across projects
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Procurement process
  • Project Management
  • E&CO Industry – Digital Revolution

    Digital Transformation
    in the E&COs Industry

    SAVIC qualified solution for E&COs Industry with inbuilt GST processes will help the businesses to quickly start running on SAP S/4HANA latest edition.

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    E-Invoicing + S/4HANA= Improved Profitablity

    Turning E-Invoicing opportunities into sustainable business advantages is now the top agenda of most CFOs and CEOs.

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    A New World of Engineering, Construction, and Operations Industry- SAVIC Technologies

    SAVIC's unique engagement model

    The world’s infrastructure will double two times by 2050 Our solutions support a growing infrastructure by enabling EC&O companies to improve project schedule performance with intelligent, connected supply chains and reduce labour costs, while improving quality, with automated processes. Industry innovation solutions tailored to your needs End to end solutions to reduce construction project and real estate portfolio management complexity. Transform construction project management with digitalisation, digital twins, IoT, and collaborative business networks, and reduce spend and complexity with smart construction project apps.

    SAVIC Implementation Methodology

    Phase Wise Deliverable for Business Suite & On-Premise – Agile & Waterfall

    SAP Activate is an implementation methodology used in SAP S/4HANA and unique combination of 3 core pillars, SAP Guided configuration, SAP Best Practices & Methodology. It is the quickest way till date, to simplify and streamline your business operations with SAP S/4HANA.This methodology enables customers to build smart, run and start faster in their respective landscape.

    SAVIC Data Migration Methodology

    SAP delivered a massive wave of simplification and innovation in the core of SAP S/4HANA.

    SAVIC SAP S/4HANA migration templates helps SAP Business Suite customer can move from different start releases to SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition. For certain start releases, a one-step procedure is available, which includes the installation of the SAP S/4HANA Core and, if necessary, the migration of the database to SAP HANA.

    SAVIC SAP S/4HANA implementation on Methodology with global best practices

    Implementation services

    Start seeing everything in your IT environment with
    our Implementation services.

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    SAVIC Cutover Strategy

    Cut-Over strategy is the Document that we create to maintain the key stratergies

    Cutover process involves a series of steps need to be planned, executed and monitored in order to make the project golive. It encompass Cutover Strategy, Cutover Plan, The Cutover Date, Agile Monitoring of the cutover activities and Controlling undesired variations.

    MaxCare Support Services

    Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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    Grow Your Mill Business In The Digital Transformation Era

    SAVIC technocrat connect to and collaborate with our customers, understand and become part of their value chains, and leverage digital transformation to deliver innovative services and business outcomes instead of selling products.

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