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Process driven latest technology applications.

The various taxes collect in term of relevant tax and other related laws by Sri lanka Inland Revenue is mapped in SAP system under the tax procedure covering NBT , VAT and SVAT taxes . Various combination of tax code (Input and Output tax ) are instrumental in system to be applied at AR and AP transaction

Suspended Value Added Tax

As per Statutory requirement various form specified by IRD which auto generated in system and facilities for sending auto email in specified “forms for email purposes” Within single simplified transaction is developed.

Auto generation of various form specified by IRD for the purpose of SVAT scheme
  • SVAT 03 -Total Output Declaration
  • SVAT 04 -Goods / Services Declaration under SVATS
  • SVAT 05-Goods / Services Declaration - Supplymentary Form
  • SVAT 07 (b)-Summary of Suspended Credit Notes
  • SVAT 05 (a)-Goods / Services Declaration - Supplymentary Form Suspended VAT Debit Notes
  • SVAT 05 (b)- Goods / Services Declaration - Supplymentary Form Suspended VAT Credit Notes
  • SVAT 06 Schedule of the Suspended Purchases
  • SVAT 06(a)-Summary of cancellation of credit vouchers/credit notes received
  • SVAT 07 - Summary of the Suspended Supplies
  • SVAT 07 (a)-Summary of Suspended Debit Notes
Nation Building Tax
  • NBT report Income description with Liable
    Income and NBT charges
  • NBT report NBT cost G/L wise
  • NBT receivable Import purchase
  • NBT receivable local purchase
  • NBT Payable
Auto email of various “Forms for e-mail purposes” specified by IRD for the purpose of SVAT scheme
  • SVAT 05 email
  • SVAT 05 (a) email
  • SVAT 05 (b) email
  • SVAT 06 email
  • SVAT 06 (a) email
  • SVAT 07 email
  • SVAT 07 (a) email
  • SVAT 07 (b) email
Value Added Tax
  • VAT Input Schedule report
    with Vendor details Invoice amount
    and VAT chargeable amount
  • VAT receivable Import purchase
  • VAT Output
  • VAT receivable local purchase

Process driven latest technology applications.


Helping you deliver digital transformation in the chemicals industry

SAVIC qualified solution for chemicals industry with inbuilt GST processes will help the chemical businesses to quickly start running on SAP S/4HANA latest edition. The key advantage is in the speed at which the businesses are transformed onto digital platform. The ready to deploy solution covers all major processes like supply chain planning & execution, procurement, sales, manufacturing, maintenance into financials and controlling.

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 SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Abhijeet SAVIC GST Implementation Team

Identified changes in master data ensuring minimum disruption On customer master existing tax clarification for customer field to identified whether a customer is under the GST

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

SAVIC GST Shakir development Team Head

First prerequisites to be on SAP recommended minimum sp level for your respective EHP release. Information regarding this can be found in the note 1175384. It is required to be on minimum sp level as to ensure a smooth implementation of the GST solution as required code based and logic already be present in your system

 SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Vignesh SAVIC GST Team

The new tax structure in the form of the GST bill brings in a lot of scope to reduce costs and improve productivity. At SAVIC, our team of experts can help you with a quick and smooth SAP GST implementation by effortlessly migrating your Financial Accounting, Materials Management and Sales & Distribution modules into the new tax system.


GoI approves Rs 2,256 crore project for GST


Minister of State for Finance, Santosh Kumar Gangwar,on Friday, informed the Parliament that the the government has sanctioned Rs 2,256 crore outlay for project Saksham, which will strengthen the information technology network for the new GST regime. Read more

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Anoj Wimalarathne

He has total working experience of over 20 years most of which is spent in a senior capacity with one of the Big III auditing firm in the world.

Over the past 25 years Lankem has diversified into other related businesses. Lankem's Paints and Bituminous Products have been the frontrunners in new product development in their specific industries. Lankem Consumer Products has been in existence since the late 70's, and has been the pioneer in producing mosquito coils, washing machine detergent powders and liquid detergents in Sri Lanka. Today Lankem Consumer Products are a household name in Sri Lanka.

SAVIC GST specialists Team

We have a team of dedicated GST specialists who have substantial experience. With the wealth of experience gained, we are well placed to provide you with practical guidance on your GST matters.