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In the experience economy, companies need to invest in and deliver great employee experiences to achieve better business results and outperform the competition. With the impact employee experience has on engagement, retention, and the bottom-line – it’s become a strategic priority for HR leaders.

Mastering Challenges of HR Practices

Keeping Up-To-Date With Employment Law And Legislation

Regulatory changes can be a hindrance for payroll experts. If your company does fulfil the parameters of various laws and legislation, there may be serious consequences.

Meeting Deadlines,Important Dates

Primary duties of the payroll department to comply various important dates and deadlines along with ensuring to mark calendar(s) and enable reminders for important dates for organization commitments, tax filing, and other payment obligations to avoid penalties.

Confidentiality And Secrecy

It is necessary that payroll records are preserved and managed in secrecy, all while being preserved in a secure environment and ensure privacy cannot be compromised at any cost unless without court order or government mandate.

Misclassification of Personnel

Classification of an employee or worker is difficult, because process consists various types of classifications: Ad-hoc and full-time staff members, free-lancer or contract-based personnel.

Insufficient Backup of Data

It is very crucial for any organization to ensure reliable Backup for the organization database, without any technology failure.

Ineffective Communication

Communication Gap is another vital challenge for business. Without the accurate and effective communication channels, it becomes tough to handle a workforce.

Factors affecting Human Resource Management

A Changing Workforce

The workforce is changing and this poses a challenge for employers. Companies face significant challenges in retention and are recognising the need to focus on culture and dramatically improve engagement of a global, diverse and multi-generational workforce.

Effective Business Execution

Streamlined and automated processes are not enough to drive business success. Companies cannot afford to have the process fall down at the point the user gets involved - i.e. at the point of execution.

Managing Demographics

Companies are struggling to develop leaders at all levels and are investing in new and accelerated leadership models. They see significant changes in employee longevity and loyalty coupled with a lack of skilled talent in the marketplace.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite Includes SoW

Areas in which we can provide stand-alone or integrated solutions

SAVIC SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite - Business Benefits

Business Execution

SuccessFactors cloud-based business execution software can help you improve strategic alignment, increase efficiency and productivity, and accelerate results.

Improve Strategic Alignment

    When you close the gap between strategy and execution, you can see a 5.5 percent increase in time spent on strategic priorities.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

    An optimized workforce can lead to a 14 percent increase in project completion, a more than 5 percent increase in productivity.

Accelerate Business Results

Want better business results? On average, our customers added 1 percent of revenue back to profit.

In the Cloud

    SuccessFactors is driving better business execution with one of the largest and most sophisticated cloud platforms in the world, thanks to our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


    SuccessFactors HXM Suite contains a core set of functionality that is common across the entire software suite, whether you deploy the full HXM Suite or just one part of it.

Populus- SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution

Bring Us More Opportunity Market, Share

SAVIC Populus Packaged Solutions is a Solution to achieve Core HR functions. It is a packaged solution for HR Process which Includes the Employee Central and Performance & Goal Management Modules. It is a Packaged Offering to overcome challenges which you usually face in Managing the Employee Data and Rewarding & Reviewing your Employees.

INR 561**Per USER

    Monthly Cloud Subscription

FEES INR 5,75,000

    One Time Configuration Fees


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Docusign Integration with SAP Successfactors

Simple, easy and faster than printing, signing and scanning documents.

Docusign Integration with SAP successfactors enables you to online offering of Documents during Recruiting Management, Onboarding, and many other processes.



    reduction in incomplete or Wrong document execution.


    per document saving


    saved per new hire document, offer letter, and onboarding form
SAP SuccessFactors & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Unlock capabilities of SuccessFactors with Robotic Process Automation

SAP SuccessFactors using RPA ,the package offers automation across the entire HXM solution. By integrating user experience, process maps, and data flow across the business.

Challenges Before Integration

    Manual entries upload, Improper allocation of resources for project costing and reporting,More Time consuming process - impact on manpower utilization accuracy due to manual data uploading into SuccessFactors employee Central,Process inconsistencies and human dependency,Maximize Software investments by optimizing SAP SuccessFactors.

How Integration Helped Our Customer

    Efficient interaction between legacy systems on a Human assets utilization platform, Resulting in improved transparency and operational efficiency, Faster response times in assigning projects to Employee, Monthly 16 hours time saved per month on Uploading data in successFactors.

  • SAP SuccessFactors and RPA integration helps us to remove our Manual task of updating the projects, which helps us to save time and efforts of repetitive activities.

    Mr Yuvraj Thombre


    SAVIC Technologies Private Limited

Growth through Talent Intelligence Why ?


    Share of India, other South Asian Nations and Africa in global labor force growth


    Of US economic growth has been driven by knowledge workers over the past three decades


    Of company valuations are intangibles related to talent such as IP, know-how, expertise, etc.7


    Of executives whose companies use social media technologies report measurable business benefits


    Of baby boomers expect to work past age of 651


    Of all 2013 master’s degrees will be earned by women
SAP SuccessFactors Integration with SAP S/4HANA

Transfer payroll postings with Integrationof SAP successfactors with S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA integration with SuccessFactors is an offering that will integrate SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to other solutions within SAP S/4HANA Cloud, which will transfer the Employee data to S/4HANA HCM Module such as Time sheet data, Payroll Data, etc.

Challenges Faced by Customer

    Gain transparency across business areas to realize further improvements, reduce costs, and optimize business Gain transparency across business areas to realize further improvements, reduce costs, and optimize business, Opportunity Management & timeline, Develop new markets to reap the benefits of local and global business, Adopt a consistent, unified HR solution with single sign-on

How Integration Helped Our Customer

    Improved interactivity, intuitiveness, and agility, Made permission for data access role based, Facilitated goal sharing among colleagues, Payroll control center for investigating payroll in real time, Send important data to decision - makers through real - time dashboards, Moved data automatically to third - party vendors, avoiding the need to re-enter data or run reports.

  • “With SAP SuccessFactors solutions, Marlabs can interact with each other globally. Our workforce is now empowered to share goals, find learning opportunities, and much more – all on mobile devices if they want to.”

    Mr. Siby Vadakekkara

    CEO & Owner at Marlabs Banglore



How is Digital Technology Company Increasing HR Agility and Transparency
for Teams in India

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SAP SuccessFactors Integration with SAC

Have Real time Analytics on HR Process

SAP Successfactors Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud supports HR business users with key insights into the workforce of the company. Which enables the Intelligent Enterprise through analytical insights for the HR process . The dashboards in SAC have been designed specifically with the intent to bring together key workforce information to provide and combine HR /data charts.

Challenges Before integration

    No data analytics to improve HR-related decisions ,No User friendly Dashboard to analyse and read the report Delay the Decision Making Process.

How SAC Benefited HR Process

    HR can keep a close view on the key aspects of an organization by tracking workforce metrics .The HR user can track key problems in an effective and transparent way .

  • “Data without analytics is senseless and useless. SAC gives the data a shape and meaning for decision making and ability to work on live and realistic data.”

    Ms.Preety Anand


    SAVIC Technologies Private Limited

Overview – SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Methodology

The Implementation Methodology consist of Phases, Deliverables and Tasks and in accordance with the SAP Activate methodology and structure.

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