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SAVIC propose to deliver the requisite IT Services using our innovative and optimal HYBRID (On Site, Near Shore/Off Site and Off Shore) Delivery model that will deliver the scoped IT services for clients at lower cost. yet maintaining the desired SLA's. The central theme of our service delivery model is an Integrated Centralized service help desk.

This service desk will become the single point of contact for issues. SAVIC use ITIL and GMP compliant ticketing tool for this service desk. The end users of can log a problem or raise a query through the web, email, visit or phone. All issues will be addressed within the SLAs which would be agreed up on the due diligence phase of the project along with clear service catalog, categories and priority.

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Proactive service management

Optimize IT operations, and innovate business processes faster to become a best-run business

Key features
  • Insufficient in-house Resources
  • Infrastructure Risk with Upgrades
  • Increased Functionality
  • Constrained capital
  • Application Performance Issues
  • Focus on Core Business Processes
  • Reduce Operational Expense
  • 7x24 MAXCare
Find the Scope of work that's right for you


  • Provide functional MAXCare as per the agreed SLA
  • Trouble shooting with respect to incorrect business procedures
  • Minor changes in functionality mapping & Reports
  • Documenting any configuration changes as per Standards
  • Trouble shooting of failure of implemented functionality
  • End User Training on needs basis

  • Develop functional specs for minor enhancements
  • Resolve any data related discrepancy
  • Function MAXCare on Statutory Requirements
  • SAP process queries raised by end users in case of issues
  • Resolve integration issues with other modules of SAP
  • Conduct impact analysis & update documentation

  • Provide Technical MAXCare
  • Security Management
  • Printer Administration Partly
  • Transportation of SAP repository

  • Performance Tunings
  • Patch Management
  • User Administration
  • Performance Mgmt
  • Monitor SAP Servers
  • Analyze Run Time Errors
  • AP Disaster Recovery MAXCare
  • Capacity Planning
  • ABAP MAXCare

  • Provide technical MAXCare as per the agreed SLA
  • Bug fixes to the enhancements made.
  • Development of new Reports / Conversion Programs
  • Develop technical specs for new technical development

  • Develop interface codes to meet Functional Specifications/Change
  • Optimize developed programs to improve the performance
  • Test Customer specific objects as and when required
  • Migration to Higher version Hot Packs, Version Upgrades
  • SAVIC Support Methodology

    SAVIC service delivery model for SAP Customers are supported by a robust process and infrastructure framework. SAVIC will implement & support word-class Best Practices, call on its Centers of Excellence, and use continual review and feedback from SAP Customers as the pillars of Service Delivery Excellence.

    Key features
    • Manage changes in the IT environment
      the IT environment
    • Effectively manage
      budgets and resources
    • Identify opportunities for both incremental
      and radical process improvements
    • Drive costs out
      of service delivery
    SAVIC MAXcare

    Solution for your AMS

    SAVIC MAXcare proposes to deliver the requisite SAP Application Management Services (AMS) using our innovative and optimal HYBRID (On-Site, near-shore and offshore) delivery model to deliver the Application Management Services (AMS) at a drastic lower cost, yet maintaining the premiumness of SLA’s.

    SAVIC MAXcare provides a flexible, customized & one-stop solution for all your SAP application management needs from MAXCare Window size, functional & technical MAXCare offerings, local language MAXCare. SAVIC MAXcare can be tailored to cater to your modular & organizational roll-outs, if required.

    SAVIC Service Level Management Framework

    The SAVIC SAP support solution offered to Customer is based on SUPPORT@SAVI which is proven solution which addresses all major and minor challenges in the support life cycle. 
SAVIC will establish service level management framework to ensure that for the SLA’s committed, necessary Operational Level Agreements and Under Pinning Contracts are in place to ensure the delivery of agreed target levels. SAVIC proposes the following key principles for service level management

    Key features
    • Manage changes in the IT environment
      the IT environment
    • Effectively manage
      budgets and resources
    • Identify opportunities for both incremental
      and radical process improvements
    • Drive costs out
      of service delivery

    SAVIC MaxCare

    Optimize IT Operations and Innovate Business Processes More Quickly

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