SAVIC E-invoice solution Deployment in
4 Weeks .

SAVIC proposes to introduce an eInvoice solution Deployment in 4 Weeks to enable customers to comply with the new eInvoice mandate.

Features of the integrated solution

  • Non-disruptive and automated: Business users need not use any other transaction or report to generate the eInvoice. The solution also provides the flexibility to register eInvoice on an on-demand basis
  • Inbuilt validations for all mandated master data and transaction data to ensure error free with submission of eInvoice payload to the IRP.
  • Process response from IRP: Process the IRN, QR code, Digital Signed invoice for Invoice print-out, audit trail, reconciliation with the other GSTN mandates (see diagram below), etc.
  • Uses the SAP Document Compliance (on-Premise edition, also known as eDocument Framework), and SAP Cloud Platform Integration. The SAP Document Compliance is used for eInvoicing and real-time reporting globally around 18 countries (eg: Spain, Italy, Colombia)
  • Uses the services of SAP Certified GSPs to integrate with the IRP
  • Provides a unified user experience and document synchronization across all the 3 different GSTN mandates (eInvoice, GST Reporting, eWay bill). Yet the solution can also be deployed and used independently for each individual mandate.

Get your SAP E-Invoicing deployment in 4 weeks by SAVIC qualified team trained by SAP Labs India.

  • Step #1: SAP Notes Implementation,
  • Step #2: Integration with E-Invoice Solution Portal,
  • Step #3: SCPI Setup & Customisation ,
  • Step #4: Integration With GSP,
  • Step #5: Integration Testing,
  • Step #6: GOLIVE & Support,

Total Efforts required for successful Deployment is 107 Man Days.

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