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“Modernize your workload to meet your business challenges with SAVIC’s SAP on GCP Solutions.”

SAVIC has an ongoing partnership with Google to provide SAP certified infrastructure. Google Cloud works closely with all SAP certified infrastructure for all your needs ensuring high performance and reliability. SAVIC helps you leverage your SAP data in innovative ways, all while running your SAP applications more reliably, securely, and cost-effectively with Google cloud.

Business Challenges

Highly expensive IT infrastructure 

Dated remote access or virtualization systems, often originally installed as a point solution, do not provide the access needed.

Upgrading of all the depending systems becomes must 

Legacy applications that will only run on older operating systems or web browsers can lock the organization into these old versions.

Poor performance due to agility issues

CIt becomes difficult to maintain and manage SAP workloads as your needs evolve, you cannot make changes easily and replicate them in whichever part of your set-up that you require

Additional administrative staff costs are high 

BOn-premise systems were not designed to work over the internet, or on different devices, Hence, we have to have additional administrative staff which costs a lot.

User experience is not satisfactory 

Access to line of business systems often fails to meet user expectations and is not always user-friendly.

Unable to meet fluctuating demand 

Performance issues often result in expensive communications links being implemented to deal with what may be only occasional spikes in use.

Benefits of Google Cloud Platform


SAVIC’s certified solution experts will help you to explore GCP Pay as you go model to optimize the cost on a large scale.

Live Migration

GCP provides live migration of apps delivering outstanding reliability and zero maintenance downtime.

High productivity

Achieve High productivity with advanced reliability and low-latency network offered by Google cloud Platform.

Multi-layered Security

GCP’s Advance security makes it a reliable choice to run SAP workloads on. Secure your data with advanced anti-malware and threat detection.

Incremental snapshot solution

As per streamlined incremental snapshot solution, instead of paying for full storage, you will only pay for the difference of data-backups.

Flexible payment

When development or testing VM is off there is no cost. You will only pay when the VMs are in use.

  • We were looking for a reliable infrastructure for a new service, we wanted a serverless architecture that can grow with us

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    Lower 3 year cost of operation


    Months to pay back on investment


    Higher developer productivity


    Faster developer cycle for new feature


    More new features per year


    Lower IT infrastructure cost

    • Workloads

      To start the migration we need to understand everything about the current environment in terms of apps, inventory and its dependencies.

      Building your foundation

      In this phase we will be creating basic infrastructure for your workload.

      Deploying your workloads

      In this stage we will plan and design the deployment phase of migration to Google Cloud.

      Get leadership buy-in

      Make sure of a successful migration with this crucial first phase—executive sponsorship.

      Align your stakeholders

      Synchronize your migration throughout multiple tasks and allow all stakeholders aligned on time.


      This phase is all about planning and designing the migration path from manual deployments to automated and containerized deployments in Google Cloud.

      Engage Partner Support

      For Professionals assistance, work with a partner to plan and deploy your migration projects considering minimal disturbance to the business.

      Optimizing your Environment

      After deploying the workload in Google Cloud, we can always optimize the environment.

    • Overview

      Disaster recovery is a method of regaining the access and functionality to its infrastructure after the occurrence of the events like natural calamities, cyber attack, or business disruption caused by issues like covid 19 pandemic. It involves set of tools, policies, procedures to enable recovery after a disaster. To provide business continuity during a major disaster, these IT systems need to keep functioning.

      Depending on your RTO and RPO requirements, you need to consider different tools and design strategies for the primary site and the disaster-recovery site. This document considers three scenarios

      Scenario 1: RTO within days, and RPO depends on business function. This scenario is meant for noncritical business applications and non-production environments.

      Scenario 2: RTO less than a day, and RPO within minutes. The business can function without this application for a short time as long as there is a plan to recover within a reasonable time.

      Scenario 3: RTO in minutes, and RPO as close to zero as possible. This scenario is intended for business-critical applications and is designed with the shortest possible recovery with near-zero data loss.

    • Overview

      Back up is very integral part of the business You can lose data due to physical reasons like data centre failure or a disk failure or logical reasons like accidental deletion of data. The strategies and solutions should be considered to address protection against data loss due to physical reasons. The key consideration for your backup strategy and associated backup solution is the trade-off between the overall cost of backup operations and the cost of time lost due to lost data. When reviewing the overall cost of backup operations, consider the following technical capabilities of cloud-based backup options

      •   Availability of storage locations
      •   Time for backup and restore
      •   Full, incremental, and differential backup capabilities
      •    Tiering of data to storage classes based on frequency access
      •    Compression and backup deduplication

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