Way Forward on TAXINN Migration

Need for TAXINN TAXINN procedure is the prerequisite for GST implementation. Hence, companies using TAXINJ tax procedure need to migrate to TAXINN tax procedure and then GST has to be implemented. While TAXINJ is formula based, TAXINN is condition based. A standard routine (set of specific standard coding) is used in the formula based TAXINJ tax procedure for tax calculation purposes. Whereas, conditions are used in the TAXINN tax procedure.  

Migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN The migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN includes: Preparation on affected scenarios mostly in Sales and purchase, required system configurations, methodical testing, changes in master data, correcting ABAP objects, and conversion of open purchase related documents. In SD all pricing procedure rate determination should also be converted to access sequence levels, from current set up, which is working based on tax codes (VAT, CST, Service Tax). SAP has also given a specific tool to convert the open Purchase Orders/ Contracts /Sales Orders for the migration. An important point to be noted in this migration is, there will be no changes in the processes for Material Management and Sales and Distribution modules in SAP.

Challenges faced while Migrating from TAXINJ to TAXINN During migration, the changes are performed only in the background – configuration changes alone will be made in the TAXINJ to TAXINN migration. This migration process involves application of notes provided by SAP. Nearly 20 to 30 Notes are required to be applied during the migration process. The number of notes depend on the exact SAP version that the company is presently using. The applications of notes require SAP technical expertise. The proper implementation of notes would ensure that the processes are run without errors after migration.

GST Implementation Key Activities
  • Discovery and Evaluation
  • Design and Realization
  • Realization & Go live
  • Master Data Review
  • Business Process Review
  • Configurations
  • General Training and Awareness
  • Testing, Cutover and GO-Live needs
  • Transition related Requirements
  • Post Go live Support
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