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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – At Glance

Speed-up Digital Transformation with SAVIC

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accelerates digital transformation of business processes by automatically replicating tedious actions that have no added value. RPA can possibly help advancement across enterprises. A Robotic Process Automation programming encourages each business to perform repetitive undertaking and reduce the labour work.

Mastering Challenges of Businesses

Manually Data Update

Uploading and maintaining financial journal data are done manually today. Financial accounting staff often extracts journal entry data from Excel files, which can come from third party sources via email.

Time Consuming

Entering the sales inquiries to the system is a very time-consuming task as there is no bulk import functionality. There are dozens of the fields that need to be filled out and when it comes to many lines in the document, it is easy to make a mistake.

Lack of efficiency

Negligence of companies on investment in CX, becoming a vital challenge on business performance. Now time come-up for top leaders in organization to understand the necessity to invest in fast enough to stay current with technological advancements.

Lacks Access To Necessary Information

Sales order processing constitutes a very important part of the order-to-cash process for enterprises. In most B2B scenarios, internal sales representatives get order requests through Excel spreadsheets attached in the emails sent from customers.

Chances of Information loss

Very often outgoing payment proposal runs result in errors. The user then must figure out why the payment failed, make the correction, then re-execute the run.

Human Errors

The heart of the process is to plan requirements through schedule lines which are created by incoming delivery schedules. In some use cases, the supplier receives the data from the buyer via Email with an Excel or PDF document attached.

Key Features of RPA in SAP

Visual design

Enrich bots with a step-wise order and series of dependencies, add trigger methods for attended or unattended bots and apply APIs and ML services to built bots smart.

Live Migration

GCP provides live migration of apps delivering outstanding reliability and zero maintenance downtime.


Get into a vessel of automation process that can be re-processed for bot development, publish or use available RPA bots

Prebuilt bots

Accelerates your transformation to SAP S/4HANA with preconfigured content and predefined bots, use the APIs and metadata used behind the operation of bots .

Incremental snapshot solution

As per streamlined incremental snapshot solution, instead of paying for full storage, you will only pay for the difference of data-backups.

Business Activity Monitoring

A series of procedures and events can be added within a Process Automation process for enabling detailed information. The resulting data is stored securely in Cloud Factory.

Need for Intelligent RPA – Key Reasons
Transform our Business with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Shared Service Automation

  • Execute Faster
  • Reduce Errors
  • Optimize Processes
  • Resources by Automating Manual Tasks

  • Financial Transformation

  • Faster Financial Closing
  • Lower Manual Efforts
  • Optimize Resources
  • Operation Automation

  • Manual Task Automation
  • Monitoring & Visibility
  • Data Management

  • Faster Onboarding for Employees
  • Consistent Master Data
  • Customer Service Automation

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Throughput

  • Why Organizations Need An Intelligent RPA?
    • Billing/ Invoicing Statutory Reporting Account Closing Credit Management Statement Distribution
      Debt Recovery/Collections Financial Report Consolidation Labour Reconciliation Cost Allocation Inventory Reconciliation
      Revenue Recognition Report Aggregation Funds Transfer (sweep) Amortisation & Depreciation Controls Verification
      Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Journal Entry Creation & Verification Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation Variance Analysis Confirmations and Pre/Post Matching
      Customer Onboarding Foreign Exchange Fraud Prevention Investment Management Cash Management and Forecasting
      Compliance Management Account Opening & Closure
    • Employee Data Management Payroll Benefits & Compensation Credit Management Customer Collection
      Customer Dispute Management Order Management Billing & Invoicing AR Reporting APReporting
      Invoice Processing Payment Processing Query Management Travel & Expense Processing Vendor Master Data
      Account Reconciliation Close & Consolidation Management Reporting Financial
      Intercompany Processing & Settlement Journal Entry Processing Manage Treasury Operations Lease Accounting
      Tax Accounting and Reporting Vendor Recon Cost Element Accounting Accounting Cost Center
      Internal Order Product Cost Controlling
    • Overpayment Reconciliation Pre-Authorisation of Services Member Management Patient Record Storage Drug Registration
      Patient Surveys Patient Onboarding Physician Referral Management Automated Diagnosis Prescription Management
      E2B Transmission Clinical Documentation EOB Reader Claims Adjudication Fraud Compliance and Monitoring
      Appeals Processing Compliance Management Foreign Exchange Account Opening and Closure Provider License Verification
      Revenue Cycle Management Insurance Processing Billing and Claims Management
    • Credit Checks for Post Paid Accounts Send SMS SIM Swapping Proof of Delivery Customer Dispute Resolution
      Backing Up Customer Information Porting and Verifying Customer Information Competitive Pricing, Monitoring and Analytics Customer Account Maintenance
      Debt Collection Fraud Detection Customer Onboarding/ Offboarding Network Operations Data Analysis
      Predictive Maintenance Customer Service Support Billing Data Management Internet Application Management Order Configuration and Processing Service
      Provisioning Cash Management and Forecasting Confirmations and Pre/Post Matching Customer Onboarding Audit Reports
    • and Restart Services
      Attendance Tracking Travel Authorisation Automated Grading and Feedback Compliance Audits Inventory Management
      Payment Tracking Calendar Management Social Media Monitoring Enrollment, Class Scheduling and Course Registration User and Machine Provisioning
      Document/Library Indexing and Processing IT Resets Engagement Communications such as Notifications and Reminders Grants Management
      Equipment Reservations Transcript Requests Document Workflow Optimization Scholarship Applications Student and Staff
      Onboarding and Exit Approvals: Vendor, Budget, Invoice, Curriculum, Content Compliance Management
    • and Receivable
      Compliance Management Rent Accounting Rent and Mortgage Applications Lease Management Facilities Management
      Utilities Management Inventory Management Planning Applications Customer Feedback Surveys
      Tenant Onboarding and Offboarding Accounts PayablePayment and Invoice Processing Customer Management Real Estate
      Listing Automation Customer Communications including Letters, Alerts and Notifications Contract Administration Competitive Pricing Monitoring and Analytics Portfolio Management
      Data Cleansing Credit and Background Checks Breach Notification
    • Submitting Data to Regulators Energy Trading Competitive Pricing, Demand Monitoring & Analytics Energy Theft Prevention
      Invoice Processing, Billing and Settlement Correcting Misreads Demand Management Consumption Insights and Analysis Yield Optimisation
      Optimised Energy Consumption Systems/Transport Operations Storage Automation Predictive Maintenance
      Customer Transfers Complaints Management Transactive Energy Solutions Decision Support System for Asset Maintenance Energy Storage
      Metering Load Forecasting Breach Notification
    SAP Intelligent RPA - At a Glance

    Automate your business with SAP intelligent RPA

    Repetitive And Manual Activities

    Organize time-consuming, manual tasks by refining bots that backs error-free, extensive tasks and assist you emphasis on high value-driven processes.

    Better Experience

    Bring-in new level of operational rapidness and efficiency to respond to customer requirements proactively and augment resources to address more value-driven activities.

    Reinvent Processes

    Cut throughout organisational challenges while driving optimal process models for optimum efficiency and extracting benefit of smart bots to make more sound decisions.

    “Robotics enables to process order 24×7 and keep up with demand even in times of global disruption.”

    By One of the leading Pharmaceutical Industry

    Discover SAP Marketing Cloud With SAVIC

    SAVIC SAP Marketing Cloud gives you the real time context-based data and realize data from any channel to create a single integrated customer view promptly which allows you recognize the right customers and bring-out the best customer experiences to identify fresh marketing opportunities quickly.


      Dynamic Customer Profiling

    Key Functionalities

    • Self-service customer privacy, consent and preference management
    • Identify the best audiences for purchase, retention, and lead conversion
    • Real-time multi touch attribution of offline and online interactions
    • Share profile across all front office channels and the back office

    Value Benefits


      Improvement in email conversion rates


      Reduced disparate marketing systems and integration costs.
    Uncover The SAVIC SAP Commerce Cloud

    With improved product content management (PCM), support for complex product configurations and specifications, including products with multiple dimensions and price lists tailored for individual customers.


    • Everywhere Commerce
    • Context-Driven Services
    • Product Content Management
    • Experience Management
    • Order Management

    Key Functionalities

    • Deliver contextually relevant experiences unique to each customer
    • Measure and improve the customer experience on an ongoing basis
    • Leverage stream AI based on real-time data to react to changing markets
    • Enable and facilitate innovation with a headless, API-first commerce platform

    Value Benefits


      Increased revenue through the digital channel.


      ROI over 3 years.
    Discover SAP Sales Cloud With SAVIC

    SAVIC SAP Sales Cloud portfolio comprises solutions that empower your customers to be helpful to customers throughout their purchasing journey easy, instant access to back-office information, access to real-time customer analytics and sales data for maximizing sales capabilities.


    • Sales Automation
    • Sales Performance Management
    • Configure, Price, Quote (C PQ)

    Key Functionalities

    • Save time and guesswork to accelerate sales
    • Model and manage sales territories and incentives
    • Guide sales reps through quotes and contracts
    • Embrace the future of selling

    Value Benefits


      Increase in average deal size


      Reduction in IT operations and integration costs.
    Empower Your Customer With SAVIC SAP Customer Data Cloud

    SAVIC SAP Customer Data Cloud provides your business securely identify consumers across devices and streamline Identity Lifecycle Management, and guard against dangers with SAP Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for B2B in a central and secure environment adhering to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


    • Offer seamless, personalized B2C engagements
    • Optimize B2B value networks
    • Build trusted customer and partner relationships
    • Strengthen customer trust in the era of GDPR, CCPA, and beyond

    Key Functionalities

    • Trigger screens to capture preference attributes of registered users
    • Synchronize profiles and preferences with downstream applications
    • Provide frictionless and secure point of entry for customers across brands, regions, and digital properties (web, mobile, IoT)
    • Capture registration metrics to improve conversions

    Value Benefits


      Value of each registered users


      Increase in conversion
    Streamline Experience With SAVIC SAP Service Cloud

    SAP Service Cloud creates a cohesive service experience by fulfilling the gap amid front-office engagements and back-office processes. This solution automatically delivers swift, more accurate answers with cross-channel insight, intelligent, cloud-based customer service and ensures your customer service teams are properly trained and available to meet service demands.


    • End-to-End Service Execution
    • Service that Scales
    • Intelligent User Experiences
    • Omni-channel Customer Service

    Key Functionalities

    • Efficiently monitor, control and manage contact center operations in real-time
    • Enable customer service communication across traditional channels (phone, email)
    • Allow agents to be more effective with faster and more accurate ticket resolution
    • Get the right insight at the right time with embedded analytics

    Value Benefits


      Increase in conversion


      Increase in loyalty program subscriptions
    Bring Value To Your Customer Through SAP Customer Experience

    Re-energize Your Customer Experience Strategy

    Enrich the CX of your business by recognizing and beating operational hindrances, reviewing processes, and discovering dynamic solutions.

    Choose Service Quality First

    Appraise and authenticate critical project areas, which allows to actively apply best practices and settle complications throughout your transformation voyage.

    Be Empowered With Expertise And Best Practices

    Get access to personalized workshops and optimization services for topics such as solution structure, integration and data migration, and solution-specific methods.

    Get Guidance – From Start To Finish

    Get dedicated backing from experienced experts throughout your entire project journey to transfer knowledge and skills to your team rapidly.

    Discover the Cloud Implementation Methodology

    Phases of SAP CX Implementation

    Next Generation Phase-Wise SAP Implementation Methodology.

    MaxCare Support Services

    Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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