SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

Data Analytics

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Effectively manage all aspects of your marketing efforts and improve collaboration and transparency

SAP Hybris Marketing cloud solutions enables marketers to successfully engage with today’s customers with individualized offerings. Understand the full context of individual customers, including real-time information, to deliver unique experiences at every stage of the customer journey. React quickly to opportunities with alignment and increased visibility of marketing activities. Leverage a wide range of capabilities that will help you to increase customer conversions, drive growth, and increase brand advocacy.

The tools to Easily and rapidly build great, In-moment customer experience

Key Features

  • Consumer and customer profiling
  • Segmentation & campaign execution
  • Commerce marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Marketing resource management
  • Marketing lead management
  • Loyalty management

What if you understand Each customer, inside out,And could anticipate Their next step?

Understand and drive your marketing activities based upon performance and ROI. React in real- time to new events and opportunities. Get an executive overview of your marketing effectiveness.

Drive demand and improve sales effectiveness. Nurture your contact base, hand-off qualified leads, and monitor success to drive close collaboration between marketing and sales.

Real-time, Predictive, Customer and Consumer Profiling

Highly Performing Visualization and Exploration Tools

Intuitive Campaign Management Tools

Support For Seamless Collaboration across Function

Efficient Marketing Resource Management Capabilities

Modern Data Integration Tools

Omni-channel Execution And Seamless Customer Journeys Across All

Powerful Marketing Lead Management Capabilities

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SAVIC Launch Methodology

Explore an approach that helps launch sap cloud methodology quickly and efficiently the first time − while continuously delivering Digital technologies to drive sustained Transformation .

SAVIC Delivery Frame Work

A service delivery system (SDF) is a collection of concepts, guidelines, regulations, and constraints that a service provider can use to direct the design, creation, implementation, operation, and retirement of services in order to provide a consistent service experience to a particular user group.


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