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Built-On Around Our Three Fundamental Principles of Speed, Collaboration, And Control

Our Platform is built to speed-up business app performance throughout your complete application development cycle.

Industry-field professionals like experts and citizen developers can work together expert developers to realize much greater business agility and consequently speed-up delivery provide a whole platform for your business application delivery requirements.

Mastering Challenges of Business

Complex Business Processes 

Due to Complex Business Processes lacks customer centricity, simplification, innovation and creates ambiguity

Wasteful Business Process

Due to lack of awareness about business requirements unwillingly drag organization to opt for the unproductive business processes

Lack of Automation

Business processes are not fully automated with a lot of activities being done through manual interventions increases the chances of errors and forces the valuable man-power to get trapped in doing low-value tasks

Absence of Real-time Goods Tracking

Not having end-to-end Procurement Management processes tracking of inventory across different cities are difficult which creates unnecessary production and procuring delays.

Inefficient Inventory management

Due to improper and obsolete inventory tracking mechanism leads to the inefficiencies which add up on the Total Cost.

Lack of Integration

Business processes like service delivery, accounting, and billing are not integrated together, isolated systems with lack of an integrated process flow.

Key Features

Discover Our Industry Wise Tailored Solutions

NX Reporting & Analytics

Offers various industries a competitive edge with visibility into CAx data through its latest Reporting and Analytics app on desktop and mobile devices.

Smart Delivery Management

Permits businesses to plan routes, carry out sales orders and allocate drives by using Mendix, SAP SuccessFactors and S/4HANA.

Intelligent Planning

Maintenance and repair work planning automation through an application that accounts for SLA, qualifications, regulatory compliance, and available skilled staff.

Product Portfolio Management

Curtail time to market of new product arrives by increasing stakeholder collaboration. Empower ideas and suggestions from across your organization and delivers a rigorous qualification process to quantify expected value.

IoT Logistics Tracking

SAP IOT Logistics permits transportation and shipping businesses to track inventory for variations in environmental conditions and write smart contracts using SAP Blockchain.

Omnichannel Integration Layer

Omnichannel Integration Layer provides a smooth customer experience throughout selling and carrying out channels by handling orders, customers, and stocks in single area.

Key Platform Capabilities
  • Collaborate Unambiguously

    Facilitates effective communication across the application lifecycle with built-in collaboration tools for team development, feedback management and quick project management.

  • Extend Without Limitation Visualize, Build, And Reuse

    Scale the Mendix platform with APIs or use ready-made connectors to extend solutions based on Mendix. Use unique integration for prominent enterprise systems like SAP, IBM, and Siemens Digital Industries Software.

  • Visualize, Build and Use

    Speed-up app delivery with a highly insights, model-driven development landscape. Create components of the app available for public or private reuse on the Mendix App Store. Or, simply reuse one from a curated library of over 400 building blocks.

  • Develop Intelligently

    Mendix help, the first-ever ready-made Al development assistant, simplifies and speed-up the development process by monitoring new developers and boosting professional developers' productivity and limits.

  • Scale Like A Cloud-Native

    Ease cloud operations with apps that are cloud-native by default and run in a 12-factor microservice framework. Scale vertically and horizontally without hurting re-architecting.

Get The Facts


Of business stakeholders say that IT implements less than half of their proposed IT solutions.


Faster demand for apps than the capability to deliver them


Customers that have all transformed their business through low-code development.

  • “Where we have gaps in our architecture, or gaps in our application portfolio, low-code enables us to build them very quickly and bring them to market.”

    By One of the Leading E&CO Company

Mendix Implementation Methdology

You are now equipped with integrated tools and services to accelerate your entire app lifecycle, from ideation and development through deployment and operation.

  • Ideate

      You need not to tense about external tools, spreadsheets, post-its or emails to handle your needs. Everything is captured directly in the Developer Portal as user stories, or pulled direct from your prevailing project management tools using our stories API. Once in place accumulate your backlog and sprint framework, and get initiated making your application.

  • Develop

      Our integrated development landscape permits your teams to work together to jointly build data models, cumbersome logic, business processes and workflows which helps to diminish errors and speed-up learning.

  • Deploy

      Deploy your apps with single click to the cloud of your selection with our cloud native framework running on Cloud Foundry. Empower the built in Dev/Ops tooling and CICD pipeline, or integrate directly with your own tool-chain via the Platform APIs to rapidly iterate, release, deploy and test your applications.

  • Operate

      Monitor and handle your whole portfolio from your organization dashboard. Configure your landscape, monitor real time data feeds on the health and stability of your app environment, handle backups, usage and user access, in fact all you need to ensure optimum performance and up time to fulfil the requirement of your enterprise.

MaxCare Support Services

Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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