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As part of the on boarding activities, as a taxpayer, you would need to first enter into the contractual process with the ASP and GSP respectively. With the GST Digital Compliance Service* being delivered on the SAP Cloud Platform, as a next step you would need to set up the SAP Cloud Platform with the support of your chosen service provider.

The GST Digital Compliance Service* shall be available for you as a download from the SAP Service Market place. After the download, you would need to configure the solution for your set-up via the wizard provided.

The required changes in your SAP ECC system would then need to be implemented to incorporate the e-document dashboard and related processes. The integration of your non-SAP ECC installation with the GST Digital Compliance Service* shall be the next step. Here you would use the API documentation provided to built the interface.

Integration between the GST Digital Compliance Service* and your GSP shall be implemented at a project level.

GST Architecture

The Digital Compliance App

Process flow ASP

Interaction between ASP and GSP

  • Assumption is OAuth 2.0 based authentication

  • Sub License key to be issued by GSP which is passed from ASP with each request

  • GSP provides API’s which is a wrapper on top of GSTN API’s. More details needed here.

  • GSP to provide RESTful API’s with the same signature as defined by GSTN system for consumption by ASP. 

  • GSP to comply with the security standards defined by GSTN.

  • How GSP handles the data flow between ASP and GSTN

  • Does GSP stores any information while transmitting or otherwise?

Asks to GSP

  • Support 24/7, Operations, technical Support.

  • What are the guidelines on Peak load times (10th etc…)

  • Availability of system landscapes like Test, Production etc. 

  • API Documentation and timelines

  • Contingency process

  • Onboarding Process

  • Metering based on API calls for each ASP instance

  • Any modification in API’s by GSTN should be communicated on time to ASP.

  • Synchronized maintenance period between ASP and GSP