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Fundamentally Changing the Construction Industry with Innovative SAP® Solutions

SAVIC Engineering, Construction, and Operations is an SAP-Qualified Partner Solutions on SAP S/4HANA, edition for SAP Business All-in-One for Real Estate Companies in India. Engineering, Construction, and Operations is a fully featured, integrated solution for managing Real Estate. The solution supports all Real Estate Asset life cycle phases which includes the acquisition or disposal of an asset, management of the real estate portfolio, property management, and support processes like management accounting and reporting. .


  • Collaborative Sourcing and Contract Management
  • Opportunity and Proposal Management
  • Virtual Design and Construction
  • Pre-Fabrication Management

Project Delivery

  • Operational Purchasing
  • Project Management and Collaboration
  • Contract and Invoice Management
  • Performance Analytics for EC&O

Asset Management

  • Real Estate Management
  • Asset Maintenance and Facility Operations
  • Construction Equipment and Tools Management
  • Intelligent Buildings


Potential savings in building time and costs

SAP Performance Benchmarking

Engineering, Construction, and Operations – Digital Revolution


Build a sustainable world in the construction economy through digital transformation

Grow business by increasing market share, expanding internationally, and operating some of the assets your company builds. Face the industrialization of construction to drive reliable outcomes and improve margins by boosting productivity and eliminating waste – with real-time information


GST + S/4HANA= Improved Profitability

Turning GST opportunities into sustainable business advantages is now the top agenda of most CFOs and CEOs. As we move away from tax arbitrage to an open economy across states, the effective use of right technology in managing business processes will soon become the key competitive differentiator. It is crucial to note that when efficiency takes the driver’s seat, technology becomes an imperative. If you’re wondering how, please read on.

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 SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Building a digital foundation with SAP S/4HANA® enterprise management

City Developer had prime land in Bengaluru wherein we could build the city of cities. We had the technology, resources and services of the greatest architects, master planners and city developers from around the world.” The wide range of hotel, retail and residential

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Unlock efficiencies and innovation make faster WITH SAP S/4HANA® Enterprise Management

How can the costs of maintaining real estate be settled by particular business units? How can profits be allocated to particular branches and outlets? How can profitability of individual units, rather than the profitability of the entire organization, be measured?

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Creating a culture of making business decisions based on analytics powered by SAP BIBO

Real Estate Company Constructions mission is to build a world-class real estate development company with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, customer service to thereby contribute and benefit from the growth of the economy

The perfect partner you can rely on

 SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Low risk implementation in 16 weeks using SAP Activated Methodology specific to the EC&O industry.

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Training Workshops, Test Scripts and Business Process Procedures for your users to simplify and accelerate business processes.

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

SAVIC Help Desk provides 4 weeks of extensive Post Go-Live Support to help you get the most out of your project implementation.

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SAVIC EC&O Business Solution tailored
to your needs

Balance profitability and services delivery with centralised data and processes that can help you convert bids into profitable contracts, deliver more projects on time and within budget, and ensure appropriate staffing and accurate time recording to inspire employees and avoid revenue loss

  • The Project System Guarantees Close And Constant Monitoring Of All Aspects Of Your Project
  • Preferred By Planners To Plan, Simulate And Update Project Structures, Schedules And Other Key Parameters
  • Reliable Project Performance Reporting With Drill-Downs To Lowest Level Transaction Details
  • Automate And Streamline Procurement Processes And Also Link Them With Project Planning And Execution
  • Establish Real Time Synergies Across All Departments And Sections Enabling A Smooth Workflow
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction By On Time Project Delivery Through Use Of Effective Project Management


Better reporting performance

SAP Performance Benchmarking

SAP S/4HANA Simplifications, Massively Increased
Efficiency and Compelling Features

Written natively for the SAP HANA platform, SAP S/4HANA is an entirely new generation of SAP Business Suite that is characterized by simplifications, massively increased efficiency, and compelling features such as planning and simulation options in many conventional transactions.. Read more

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By choosing SAVIC for SAP S/4HANA you are arming your business with an enterprise system that will support your aggressive growth and align with your business requirements both today and for years into the future.

Bring core business processes and analytics into real time, including workforce engagement, customer experience, and supplier networks.

SAVIC solution for Engineering, Construction and Operations Business – Key Highlights

Ready to roll out, Engineering, Construction and Operations industry specific business processes

  • Financial Accounting – 24
  • Controlling including product costing – 10
  • Sales – 10
  • Materials Management – 18
  • Real Estate Management – 11
  • Project Systems – 12

Ready to use, Engineering, Construction and Operations industry specific custom developments

  • Reports – 24
  • Forms/print outputs – 9
  • Conversion programs/Data Upload – 20
  • Workflow/Approvals - 6
  • Plant Maintenance – 05
  • Human Resources & Payroll - 8

SAVIC SAP S/4HANA implementation methodology with global best practices


SAVIC Data Migration Methodology


SAVIC Cutover Strategy


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Grow your Engineering, Construction and Operations business in the digital transformation era