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SAVICDocument Management System


Next Generation Document Management System

NEWGEN Software is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), Document Management System (DMS),

Business Summary

Business Growth is a potent word when the same is combined with wisdom, strategy, quick decision making and a uniquely sustained business model. Then, the growth curve is always ahead of time, and that is what 'SAVIC' stands for.

Respect, loyalty and commitment – these are the values on which SAVIC was founded. The mission of the company is to be a trusted services & Solutions provider to SME's, establishing long term relationships with customers and supporting them as they grow. To achieve this, SAVIC needed a trusted partner of its own, and a solution that would meet the needs of its customers. The company became a Newgen Partner and developed qualified Newgen Solutions to address the industry specific requirements of midsize companies at a price point they can afford.

SAVICS's BPM industry specific solutions come with the functionality, reducing the time and consulting budget required for implementation. A fair amount of the implementation time will always be taken up with end user training that doesn't require our consultants; the budget savings are usually even greater than the time savings.

Newgen Product Suite

Enterprise Content Management

Newgen products are ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT, which can be utilized to fulfill the requirement of end to end scanning, file management, physical & electronic document management, secured access with strong search & retrieval capabilities, workflow process automation, audit logs, reports etc. The proposed product "Newgen's Document Management System" is Web based solution designed to address the enterprise wide Document management requirement. The proposed Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management solution will comprise of the below mentioned Newgen Products:


Production level scanning solution

OmniScan is a powerful, production-grade document capture solution, designed specifically to meet the demand of distributed high-volume document capture. OmniScan provides effective interfaces to define document types and carry out indexing of the scanned documents in batches. The scanned documents will be accordingly indexed and then filed in the Document Management System


Document Management System

OmniDocs is Document Management System which provides the capability of creating, capturing, managing, archiving and accessing large volumes of documents and contents. OmniDocs provides Document Management features like check-in/check-out, version control, library services like folder/sub-folders, and access controls. OmniDocs focuses on Document Imaging for capturing, transforming and managing paper documents, with a focus on high-volume imaging. It provides Enterprise class search capabilities including document properties, data indexes, Date based and full text search. OmniDocs' inbuilt Image Viewer provides support for Image Document viewing and applying annotations.


Document Management System

OmniFlow is a platform-independent, scalable Business Process Management solution that enables automation of organizational business processes. Newgen BPM features Process Designer as well as Form Designer with Drag and Drop features which can be used to configure the business processes and design dynamic intuitive forms as per the customer's requirement.