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Quick Audit Access control Suite

Manage SAP User Access Compliance across enterprise easily and effectively with QuickAudit Access Controls Suite. QuickAudit helps you identify, address and prevent access risks proactively to achieve better access governance

With compliance requirements increasing by the day, organizations not only need to implement an effective internal controls system, but should also demonstrate to their auditors that the system is adequate for their business and the controls are operating effectively

What can you do?
  • Identify Segregation of Duties conflicts
  • Usage reports help in finding which transactions have been used
  • It provides an easy to use workbench to quickly create rules for custom transaction codes
  • QManage, a preventive simulator, helps in identifying conflicts due to change in access thereby keeping the system ‘clean’
  • Document mitigating controls where access to conflicting functions is a business requirement. QuickAudit reports mitigated conflicts separately
  • Check security configuration from an ITGC perspective
Key Benefits

Use QuickAudit Out-of-the-box!

  • Contains a comprehensive library of Segregation of Duties and Critical Access Rule sets based on COSO framework
  • Eliminates false-positives with in- built organization check

QuickAudit Packs Great Reports!

  • Visual reporting with graphs that have 4-level drill-down
  • Key analysis figures provide quick SoD health information
  • Reports root cause of every conflict for targeted and effective action
  • Export reports easily to Excel / PDF

QuickAudit is Enterprise-ready!

  • Web application based on .Net Framework that can be used from any browser across enterprise
  • Unlimited QuickAudit User licenses for Enterprise version.

QuickAudit UI is Most Intuitive!

  • One-page navigation with all the options placed conveniently
  • Requires minimal training on the application
How QuickAudit Works?
  • QuickAudit extracts data from your SAP system, analyzes the same with a library of segregation of duties and critical access rules and reports exceptions in comprehensive and insightful reports
  • It assists in conflict remediation with root cause analysis and usage analysis that pin-points the exact problem, the role that provides conflicting access and actual use of TCodes by the users allowing expeditious action
  • QuickAudit allows documentation of mitigating controls that address the SoD risk and facilitates assignment of such controls to the actual conflicts / risks
  • QManage module provides a preventive simulator that reports conflicts arising out of access changes, even before the actual access is granted to the user in SAP.

Options Proposed

  • Risk Identification and Monitoring
    Risk Identification and Monitoring QuickAudit and Non-workflow- based User Provisioning QuickAudit with Workflow-based User Provisioning QuickAudit with Automated User Provisioning Complete Solution with all features and Role redesign
    Segregation of Duties
    Predefined SOD ruleset
    Monitoring user conflicts
    Monitoring role conflicts
    Detailed drill down to root cause to enable remediation
    Sensitive and Critical Access
    Predefined library of Sensitive transactions
    Monitoring access to sensitive and critical transactions
    Custom Transactions
    Workbench for custom transactions to be added to ruleset
    Monitoring of access to custom transactions
    Usage review
    License Utilization
    Used transactions analysis
    Used SOD conflicts
    Custom BAPI for SM20 log extraction
    SAP Security Risks
    Critical parameters
    Table access
    Development access
    Program access
    Reports and notifications
  • Risk Treatment and Mitigation
    Risk Treatment and Mitigation QuickAudit and Non-workflow- based User Provisioning QuickAudit with Workflow-based User Provisioning QuickAudit with Automated User Provisioning Complete Solution with all features and Role redesign
    Role redesign (Service)
    Assess current access and usage of transactions
    Agree on the role strategy and Design new master roles
    Creating roles in target system
    Automated Derivation of roles
    User mapping
    Automated Unit testing
    User acceptance testing
    Modification of SOD ruleset
    Add / remove risks based on applicability
    Risk Mitigation Workbench
    Document mitigating controls and assignment
    Schedule Periodic access review
    Review workbench to document review process
  • Sourcing and Procurement
    Preventive user provisioning QuickAudit and Non-workflow- based User Provisioning QuickAudit with Workflow-based User Provisioning QuickAudit with Automated User Provisioning Complete Solution with all features and Role redesign
    Without workflow
    Ability to simulate potential SOD violations, sensitive access NA NA NA
    Document and record requests - - -
    Workflow based user provisioning
    Workbench to configure workflow levels based on risk, position, users
    Multi-level approvals and documentation
    Ability to simulate potential SOD violations, sensitive access
    AD integration
    Automated provisioning in the target system
    Custom BAPI for user / role provisioning
    Automated user provisioning
    Custom BAPI for firefighter access
    Job setup for firefighter access review
Audit Management


Implementation of SAP Audit Management can be as quick by Deployment Services (RDS) enabling fast, efficient roll-out at a lowered cost.


Custom Dashboards, Regulatory, Financial and Cyber content libraries, Robotics, Process Automation, Chat Bots, Process Bots and Machine Learning .

SAP Audit Management

Key features
  • Drive high value issues and create keener insights with real-time audit analytics
  • Help internal auditors perform timely risk assessments and collaborate with peers
  • Packaged predefined integration scenarios
  • Automate internal audit procedures to cut costs and reduce elapsed time to reporting
Automate internal auditing procedures – and improve quality

Streamline, diversify, and enhance your internal audit engagements with SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA. This in-memory audit software makes it quick and easy to document evidence, organise working papers, and create audit reports. It provides the analytical capabilities to shift the focus of internal audit from basic assurance to providing insight and advice.

Product Capabilities:

  • Plan, manage, and perform the audit
  • Instantly capture audit documentation and evidence with mobile capabilities and drag-and-drop tools
  • Create, track, and manage audit issues with global monitoring and follow up
  • Use search capabilities to get more value from legacy and working papers
  • Engage auditors with a user-friendly interface and collaboration tools
  • Integrate with SAP Fraud Management, SAP Risk Management, and SAP Process Control to align with the business
  • Maximise staff utilisation and reduce travel costs with better internal audit planning, resource management, and scheduling

  • Communicate and monitor results

  • Improve issue quality with collaboration and on-line manager review
  • Standardise reporting with pre-established templates
  • Automate issue tracking for faster resolution
  • Reduce repeat findings through automation and follow up
  • Visualise audit results at the enterprise level and add value with thematic reporting using SAP Lumira

  • Support & upgrades

    SAVIC offers low-cost GRC support & managed services to clients as well as upgrade services, led by our solution experts.

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