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Capture new digital value with SAVIC’s SAP cloud platform Services

SAVIC is constantly explores and expands its capabilities with SAP Cloud Platform bringing out the best for the organizations.

SAP Cloud Platform is an open business platform designed to help you innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility and choice. Thanks to our multi-cloud foundation you can leverage the latest cloud-native technologies and benefit from major hyperscaler infrastructures.

Business challenges faced by organizations

Highly expensive IT infrastructure 

Dated remote access or virtualization systems, often originally installed as a point solution, do not provide the access needed.

Upgrading of all the depending systems becomes must

Legacy applications that will only run on older operating systems or web browsers can lock the organization into these old versions.

Poor performance due to agility issues

It becomes difficult to maintain and manage SAP workloads as your needs evolve, you cannot make changes easily and replicate them in whichever part of your set-up that you require

User experience is not satisfactory 

Access to line of business systems often fails to meet user expectations and is not always user-friendly.

Unable to meet fluctuating demand

Performance issues often result in expensive communications links being implemented to deal with what may be only occasional spikes in use.

Supportability issues due to multiple systems

Locally installed software, on multiple devices in multiple locations, is a major challenge for already stretched IT teams.


Whole range of Powerful Features

The best thing about SAP Cloud Platform is that it comes with valuable highlights that make application development, the management and deployment easier than any time in recent memory.

Improve the capabilities of Your Current Applications

The reason why businesses have been rushing to the SAP Cloud Platform, has to do with its obliging feature. This platform can be utilized to add to the benefit of existing on premise and cloud applications created on different platforms.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

There’s no denying the importance of finances. Often businesses decisions are dictated by economics and companies tend to opt for services that boast a profitable Return On Investment (ROI).

Increases the Productivity of Your Developers

Another reason why the SAP Cloud Platform has surged in popularity in recent years and why IT professionals are such big advocates of the platform has to do with the fact that it doesn’t require them to learn new source codes.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

Unlike other cloud platforms, the SAP Cloud Platform boasts unmatched speed as far as time-to- deployment is concerned. In particular, platforms like the S/4 HANA Cloud let you create and develop new applications quickly.

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Reduced manual efforts


Reduced processing time

  • SAP Cloud Platform is an awesome tool to create and implement applications with an exceptionally modern infrastructure, is a system of high accessibility consistently and its activity is incredibly model. The experiences picked up by individuals working with this product is phenomenal, the outcomes it gives are extremely far reaching, its interface is exceptionally wide and has an uncommon.

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How SAVIC can help you to modernize your infrastructure using SAP Cloud Platform?

  • Accelerate integration

      Improve efficiency and productivity, cut costs, and greatly increase your organisation’s ability to deal with change. 

  • Simplify development

      Enhance and adapt SAP solutions for your unique needs with methodologies, enterprise-grade tools and services, security features, and ready-to-use business content.

  • Expand

      Reduce development investments by leveraging our open partner ecosystem that delivers prebuilt solutions to solve line-of-business and industry-specific needs.

  • Build

      Build business applications that differentiate your business and remain one step ahead of the competition – all with one holistic enterprise cloud platform: SAP Cloud Platform. Create new solutions and enhance your application portfolio with smart business services, partner-built applications and leading-edge technologies like machine learning, AI, IoT, and predictive analytics.

  • Extend

      Extend your cloud or on-premise applications by quickly adding new functionality to meet unique business needs. Add value to your existing SAP investments by creating new personalized digital experiences with minimal disruptions to your business systems.

  • Integrate

      Integrate your applications in the cloud and on-perm seamlessly while securely allowing you to connect people, processes, data, and devices everywhere. Get started quickly with a suite of integration options along with pre-packaged integration flows, business connectivity with third-party applications and APIs.

  • Create

      Modernize and personalize the user experience across multiple device and deployment options. Engage your business users and foster collaboration across multiple channels. Create delightful and intuitive business applications across mobile, web and conversational user interfaces that help users access the relevant business content.

  • SAP Cloud Platform Capabilities with SAVIC

      SAP Cloud Platform provides a rich set of services, tools, APIs, and applications that help you integrate and extend your solutions, optimize your business processes, and create an engaging digital experience.

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

      Integrate cloud and on-premise applications at scale, while connecting processes, data, people, and devices.

      • Connect and tailor interactions across your value streams
      • Accelerate innovation with prebuilt integration packs, API publication, and business process reuse
      • Empower more integrators by democratizing integration with easy-to-use self-service tooling
  • SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite

      Simplify development of your application extensions and accelerate business value.

      • Deliver consistent and collaborative experiences for SAP and new applications across all channels
      • Automate, enhance, and adapt business processes beyond standard solutions
      • Develop and manage applications that extend your on-premise and cloud landscape

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