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Technical or Functional Upgrade is needed to modernize the SAP system

The value proposition and related return on investment (ROI) highly depend on the motivation and selected Approch for each upgrade project(s). The value proposition is specific to every customer because their system landscapes and SAP software in use is very unique.

Furthermore, SAP customers have different needs to achieve further improvements in operational excellence or to become enabled for future business motivation.

SAVIC Value Proposition for an SAP Upgrade

SAVIC Approach to upgrade methodology help you achieve desired ROI

SAVIC's experience in SAP System upgrade and testing provides organisations with direct access to a highly skilled upgrade service team. Our testing methodology consists of a number of steps. Each step has its own processes, procedures and pre-defined deliverables. Organisations can have complete project control from initiation to project close Upgrade Methodology. SAVIC's Approch helps organisations from the initial idea to a fully live and operational.

Meet the ever changing demands of market due to dynamic customer requirements

For companies to improve their service, provide innovative solutions and build new business model. SAP ERP is getting deeper business functionality. Hence, SAVIC offers its customers the newer functionality in standard SAP to run their business.

Meet the ever changing demands of market due to dynamic customer requirements

SAVIC Upgrade Methodology
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Business & Technical Design
  • Build & Test
  • Deploy
SAVIC Upgrade Approach

Planning For Installation, Update, and Upgrade Processes

  • Scope and Requirements
  • Hardware & Software Prerequisites
  • Dependencies to Other Systems
  • Solution Manager Prerequisites

  • Landscape Planning
  • Add-on Compatibility
  • Business Functions
  • Testing
  • Implementation of the Installation Process

  • System Preparation
  • Content Installation
  • Inst. of Additional Technical Usages
  • Installation Media

  • Add-On Installation
  • Configuration Installation
  • Solution Manager Set- Up Testing
  • Post-Installation Steps
  • Implementation of the Update Process

  • Solution Manager Preparation
  • Follow-Up Steps
  • System Preparation
  • Content Update

  • Software Calculation & Download
  • Configuration
  • Enhancement Package Installation
  • Testing
  • Implementation of the Upgrade Process

  • Solution Manager Preparation
  • Post-Upgrade Steps
  • System Preparation
  • Content Upgrade

  • Software Calculation & Download
  • Configuration
  • SAP System Upgrade
  • Testing
  • Upgrade Mapping Process

    Relationship Between Technical Usages, Business Functions, and Software Components

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