HR and People Engagement

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Key Capabilities


Whether in the office, on job sites, or anywhere, hear every voice in your enterprise with a listening mechanism that ensure you can take action where and when it needed most.


Act before hurdles become severe with advanced statistical and human language tools that automatically model your experience and operational data 24/7 to surface key areas to focus on.


From guided manager action planning to real-time automated workflows using third-party app integrationsto enrich experience.


Turn employees into ambassadors

It allows uninterrupted response from all employee experience to take the correct actions to impact engagement, innovation, talent planning and productivity. It permits your company to take actions that focus on people first.

Mastering Challenges in Employee Experience

  • Tracking Every Employee
  • Lack of Automated Tools
  • Delayed On-boarding
  • Ineffective Training Assessments
  • Lack of Employee Engagement
  • Inefficient Feedback System

Why Employee Experience Management

Transform Experiences Across the Entire Lifecycle


Align managers and leaders with the visibility and guided actions required enhance employee engagement.


Answer to more frequent feedback and take action quickly to make improvements. Focus on vital topics and ensure your actions to increase engagement are making a difference.

EmployeeXM for IT

Empower employee visibility to improve and maximise technology experience and enhance productivity.

EmployeeXM 360

Improve your employees and inform your talent management processes with automated and customized multi-rater feedback.

Onboarding Optimisation

Get new hires up to speed quicker with better ramp times, productivity and early engagement.

Exit Diagnostics

Lessen attrition with an automated exit feedback system that assists you to comprehend the act that will allow you to retain best talent.

MaxCare Support Services

Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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