Supplier Management

Manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk

Simplify supplier management with a reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of supplier information. Reduce risk and prevent savings leakage with integrated supplier qualification and segmentation processes.

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Make smart, safe risk decisions throughout the procurement process using a unified vendor data model that provides a single, accurate, cloud-based supplier record. Perform continuous risk monitoring and segmentation based on risk exposure with views and alerts tailored to your business, each supplier relationship, and the user’s role.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Data syndication from more than 500,000 sources/li>
  • Comprehensive 360-degree supplier reporting
  • Consolidated supplier risk information
  • 7,500

    contracts with reduced management costs and cycle times

    Choose your SAP software for supplier management

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    Drive demand and improve sales effectiveness. Nurture your contact base, hand-off qualified leads, and monitor success to drive close collaboration between marketing and sales

    Collaborate with trading partners across multiple processes, systems, and geographies in real time

    Onboard efficiently

    Flexible on-demand tools and technology let you smoothly segment and onboard thousands of global suppliers into your network, and connect supplier systems and processes to yours. Onboarding experts are ready 24x7 to help you plan, prioritize, and execute, or you can handle things on your own with user-friendly tools. Self-service functionality automates enablement for any supplier, anywhere in the world, with open, standards-based electronic communication that facilitates widespread adoption. Plus, the solution offers all the advantages of Ariba Network, with millions of suppliers worldwide already participating and support provided in 20 languages.

    Collaborate broadly

    By providing a single, network-based platform for supply chain collaboration, Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain enables you to manage all direct materials procurement activities in one place. Electronic communication tools automate interactions with suppliers and other partners, shortening cycle times and expediting decisions. The ability to “connect once, collaborate with many” makes interactions and transactions simpler, giving you greater agility to deal with supply chain volatility and meet market demands. Collaborate on purchase orders, subcontracting orders, consigned inventory signals, scheduling agreement releases, confirmations, component inventory data, advance ship notices, goods receipt notices, and VAT-compliant and self-billed invoices

    Access actionable intelligence

    The intelligent network approach of Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain enables you to identify potential supply chain problems early, so you can resolve them before they become serious. Configurable business rules allow instant identification of errors through automatic validation and reconciliation. Automated dashboards and reporting make it easier to track the percentages of on-time orders, orders committed to, orders responded to, and other key metrics. Diverse tools give suppliers targeted intelligence to enhance productivity, such as ship notice due lists that allow fast prioritization and consolidation of shipments, and actionable items to confirm lists that enable quick and efficient confirmations on multiple PO line items and provide real-time information on steps suppliers must take.

    Collaborate efficiently with all supply chain partners on a single
    "global platform"
    How Do We Implement

    Transformative for Cloud “Let us guide you”
    • Lead with best practices
    • Rapid, prescriptive, repeatable delivery steps
    • Accelerated by tools, templates and predefined content
    • Agile approach
    • Enabled for the cloud
    How Do We Implement –Requirements & Configuration

    SAVIC Launch Methodology


    SAVIC Delivery Frame Work

    A service delivery system (SDF) is a collection of concepts, guidelines, regulations, and constraints that a service provider can use to direct the design, creation, implementation, operation, and retirement of services in order to provide a consistent service experience to a particular user group.


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