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US Localization complies with all the legal requirements pertaining to US taxation methods.

US Payroll solution responds to tomorrow’s needs today. Flexibility, reliability, and compatibility are some of the benefits of this payroll software.SAP HCM calculates employee’s compensation accurately and efficiently. If employee’s pay details have changed back dated, the retroactive processing program automatically recalculates pay, deductions, and taxes.The revised figures update the employee’s history, payroll and tax records as well as ledger entries. The SAP HCM solution provides a suite of state-of-the-art functions to meet the daily needs of payroll managers.


less cost per an HR transaction when employee data is administered using a single system

SAP Best Practices for SAP US Payroll

Business Benefits

  • Entire employees details in single database, enables quick decision making on HR policies
  • Payroll calculation, implementing new schemes, analysis of various reports is much faster.
  • Implementing various compliance requirements within short notice period and with accuracy is possible
  • Audit and compliance tracking is authentic and single truth in any circumstances

Key Competitive Differentiators

  • Customer own ERP HCM system and hosted internally or by third party
  • Typical payroll solution and used for other HCM activities, No restrictions as per license
  • Compliance: SAP USA Payroll delivers legal compliance and best practices.
  • It is the leading payroll product in the world and is used by thousands of organizations worldwide.
SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Basic Salary

SAP USA Payroll can handle a number of scenarios with different variations of basic salary and increments that are either normal or are associated with promotions for an employee.

Wage Elements

A wide variety of wage elements can be created and used as compensation tools.These can be regular monthly wage elements or periodic wage elements or annual/one-off wage elements .According to the characteristics of the employee as well as the department, various wage elements may be assigned to different employee groups.

Allowances & Reimbursements

SAP USA Payroll can handle multiple allowances and reimbursements. The characteristics of payment, taxability, computation, etc., can be set to meet the needs of your organization. Multiple deductions from salary can be defined by the user in SAP USA Payroll.


We have enhanced the standard loans functionality to meet the requirements of eligibility, maintenance of balances, calculations of interest and monthly installment repayments, as well as the perquisite computation of interest subsidy for company loans.


Using SAP USA Payroll, you can track and calculate various benefits you provide your employees such as Leave Travel Allowance, Medical Reimbursement, Medical Insurance, Furniture, Housing Allowance, Company Cars, Company Housing, and other long-term reimbursements.

Flexible Benefit Packages

With SAP US Payroll, you can create FBPs and baskets of allowances like other companies.There are limits on the FBP, sub-limits on individual components of the package, and provisions for processing outstanding balances during and at the end of the year.

Employee Separation

SAP USA Payroll is configured to handle separations resulting from resignation or retirement. The program can compute taxes only for part of a year, recover benefits for part-year service, and pay terminal benefits.

Off-Cycle Payroll Processing

The payments processing requirements of companies go far beyond their regular payroll processing.SAP USA Payroll can process off-cycle payments along with tax computations.

Retrospective Processing

It calculates and pays the appropriate amounts based on retrospective changes to data heads in SAP US Payroll.

Run Compliant, Run Better

Remuneration Statement

Salary slips present clear information about each employee per payroll period. It includes payout amounts, net and gross, as well as any other information. The salary slip can be customized to meet specific customer requirements and is easy to customize.

Correction Run

One of the recent significant enhancements provided at localization for SAP ERP HCM: US Payroll is “Correction Run”. Corrections on a payroll may be required for the reasons such as, wrong base amounts, missing allowances, tax related errors etc. As of now impacts of such errors can’t be addressed until the next payroll. US Localization now provides for such corrections via “Correction Run” enhancement.

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