SAP SF Performance & Goals Management

Software as a service

Performance & Goals Management

Communicate strategy, create meaningful individual goals across the organization, and focus employees on what matters, while enabling executives to monitor goal progress in real-time.

Key Functionalities

Support forward-looking performance management

Enhance employee performance through thoughtful goal setting, ongoing dialogue, and regular development. , Focus on future development and employee growth ,Conduct weekly, just-in-time, and fluid one-on-one meetings ,Encourage two-way communication.

Facilitate flexible processes

Build a performance mix that works for your business. ,Take into account your company culture, industry, region, size, and so much more , Move from one-size-fits-all to an approach designed for your unique needs ,Evolve performance management processes as your needs change and grow.

Manage employees more proactively

Enhance efficiency and productivity of your employees. , Help employees give managers early visibility into what they’re working on , Enable managers to provide employees with timely guidance to align goals and improve performance , Empower both employees and managers to address issues before they become bigger problems.

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Continuous Performance Management

  • Activities and achievement tracking
  • Continuous coaching and feedback
  • Insight into the frequency and quality of one-on-one meetings

Employee Goal Management

  • Library of more than 500 ready-to-use goals
  • Mobile goal management
  • Goal sharing

Performance Reviews and Evaluations

  • 360-degree reviews and feedback
  • Writing assistant and coaching advisor
  • Legal scanning
  • Calibration
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