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Restructure your Business Data Management Model with SAVIC

Un-Scale Your Business Growth Plan with SAVIC in alliance with Sify

SAVIC offer end-to-end solutions with a wide range of solutions, carried over a mutual telecom data network design & extensive structure of varied service ability unified to cater current business needs by defining accurate requirements which curtail your total cost and streamlines and minimises time to reach market assists to rollout of latest software rapidly in association with Sify.

Constraints Arises In-front of Business Enterprises

High Ownership Cost

Dated remote access or virtualization systems, often originally installed as a point solution, do not provide the access needed.

Rigid management of Infrastructure

Legacy applications that will only run on older operating systems or web browsers can lock the organization into these old versions.

High Downtime and Business Losses

It becomes difficult to maintain and manage SAP workloads as your needs evolve, you cannot make changes easily and replicate them in whichever part of your set-up that you require

  • Give your mission-critical workloads the robust advantage of dedicated IT with SAVIC

    Your IT infrastructure gets significant productivity benefits with GoInfinit Private.

    It gets hands-on with cloud-like agility while instructing extraordinary adaptability, with business grade control. Software-defined management allows creation of templates that outline infrastructure services, and helps in delivering fast, repeatable and reliable deployments.

  • Private Cloud

    GoInfinit Private consolidates the protection, security and control of a private cloud with the elasticity and convenience of a public cloud.

    It's an ideal arrangement when security and compliance worries in the past have forestalled your business for permitting remaining tasks at hand to leave the Data Center.

  • Next-generation Infrastructure

    Software-defined Data Centers provide greater automation and intelligent workload management to increase operational efficiency.

    We offer continual optimization of cloud systems based on your usage pattern and other characteristics.

  • Security and Compliance

    Security framework enriched with physical security layers (dedicated physical/virtual UTM/IPS) plus logical security, access control, and data integrity.

    We create a compliance- ready environment that adheres to your governance and compliance policy requirements. Security services are backed by SLAs of 99.95% to 99.99%.

  • Unified Reporting and IT Analytics

    We provide a unified dashboard for better control and visibility

    We provide a unified dashboard for better control and visibility with in-depth analytics for all infrastructure components.

Break Your Business Barriers with SAVIC Technologies
  • Diverse Platform Applications Integration Services

    SAVIC in association with SIFY allows ease in integration on partnered platforms like SAP S/4HANA along with Migration Services and Security Platform Services provides great flexibility and extensibility.

  • End-to-end customization of the solution

    Based on the specific business needs, the managed cloud solutions are wholly customizable. They are structured and deployed by the providers to meet the industry-specific needs for business.

  • Enriched System Usage Experience

    Run a fully connected digital business with our Internet of Things (IoT) applications & technology. Build new business models, harness real-time intelligence & support adaptive processes from core to edge.IoT applications offer a wide range of functionality.

  • Increased reliability

    With proper control and is proficient in solving the problems in the system instantly by provider and ensures that the architecture is working at optimum intensity and recognize possible hazards. Since a managed cloud solutions provider diligently manages the cloud assures customers to get services with even better reliability.

Migration Approach

  • Prepare Phase

      Business Scenario Recommendations (BSR) for SAP S/4 HANA

      The report shows your lines of business, business scenario, relevance for you & the number of relevant transactions. It shows the transactions which generated the recommendations.

      SAP Innovation & Optimization Pathfinder

      It provides recommendations about simplified business processes with SAP S4 HANA. Under ‘Simplified User Experience’, it gives an overview of relevant SAP Fiori Apps for your organization.

  • Explore phase

      Readiness Check

      It is the first step in S/4 HANA conversion. The report output shows the required solution adjustments (simplification items) for a system conversion to SAP S4 HANA, required custom code adjustment, required SAP HANA hardware size, data volume reduction potential, recommended Fiori Apps, required adjustment for BW extractors, Add-on compatibility etc.

      Maintenance Planner

      Maintenance Planner needs to be run in SAP’s Solution Manager. It generates the stack file (stack.xml) online from SAP Market place. This is needed to download the S/4 HANA software.

  • Realize/ Deploy phase

      Besides installation of S/4 HANA software & database migration, it involves implementation of relevant OSS Notes, run pre-check programs provided by OSS Notes& perform corrections based on the results. (Please note – there are overall 300+ steps to be executed, in the right sequence during Realization phase but which is not feasible to share them here)

  • Run Phase
    • Production cutover
    • Hypercare
    • Handover to Support organization

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Data Centers across India


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Cities & Town reach across India



Up to 100

Gbps Speed throughout India



  • “Sify reduced the downtime of SAP infra at the time of migration to DR, time to setup and improve the elasticity and management of infrastructure. With SAVIC’s Google cloud capabilities we can now deploy the resources with high efficiency to satisfy our customer’s need.”

    By Leading Manufacturing Company in India

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